Cumaru Decking Pictures

When you install a cumaru deck, the aesthetic result is instantaneous. Need some convincing? Take a look at this gorgeous backyard and how cumaru decking transformed it into an inviting retreat.

Cumaru Decking Stairs Leading Down to a Pool

The vibrant reddish-browns create the perfect complement to the lush greens of the backyard. This is further enhanced by the many plants and flowers scattered about the deck. Also note the unique rail system that gives the whole thing a one-of-a-kind modern look.

Cumaru Decking Pergola

Cumaru decking's warm hues make for a truly relaxing escape, right in your own backyard. And just imagine: you'll be able to enjoy this beauty for decades to come, thanks to cumaru's natural durability. All you have to do is apply occasional coats of UV repellant to preserve that vibrant color.

Cumaru Deck and Flowers

Believe it or not, a quality deck like this is affordable. As direct importers, we offer the lowest prices on the market. Also, if your vision requires something special, we will be happy to custom mill your lumber. Just call or e-mail us with your specifications.

Yellow Cumaru Decking

Cumaru comes in a variety of colors ranging between red and yellow.

Weathered Gray Cumaru Decking in a Boardwalk

If you choose not to maintain your Cumaru deck with regular coats of oil, this is what you can expect. As you can see, Cumaru ages to a mature gray without loosing any of its strength. Cumaru is perfect for high-traffic areas such as public boardwalks because it requires almost no maintenance, even under the constant pounding of weather and pedestrians.

Cumaru Deck Tiles

Looking for something a little different? Or maybe you just want an easy installation that won't take days. Cumaru deck tiles may be the right choice for you. Arrange the tiles in a pattern of your choosing and create your dream deck in a matter of hours. Find out how with this deck tile installation guide.

Cumaru Decking in a Gazebo

Cumaru decking can turn any outdoor space into an elegant living area you'll love for decades. Call us today to get started!

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