How to Install Cumaru Deck Tiles


Prior to installation, let your tiles acclimate to your local climate. This means storing them in an environment similar to where they'll be installed with plenty of air flow. This will prevent warping and cracking in the future.

Give each tile a coat of hardwood deck oil. This will highlight the rich color and grain patterns of the wood, as well as maximize its lifespan. Coat all sides of the tiles with a roller and wipe up any excess. Let the tiles dry completely before continuing.


To hold the tiles in place, we recommend DeckWise™ deck tile connectors. Each tile has a hole underneath each corner; the tile connector's pine tree pegs go in the holes. For corners and edges, the connectors can be scored with a knife and snapped apart.

Start in a corner and lay out the tiles in diagonal rows. First, screw down the connectors, then fit the tile over top. By changing the rotation of the tiles, you can achieve an endless variety of patterns.

When you reach the end of your space, you may have to cut tiles to fit. To cut tiles parallel to the boards, remove the screws securing the boards you want to get rid of, then trim the exposed backing. You'll have to drill new holes in the corners to receive the tile connector.

To cut tiles perpendicular to the boards, first remove the center backing piece, then cut across the boards. Remove the backing from the discarded half of the tile and secure it to the part you're going to keep. Finally, replace the center backing, which may have to be trimmed to fit. Because Cumaru is so tough, you should use a carbide-tipped sawblade.