How to Install Cumaru Decking with Wood Plugs

When installing a cumaru deck, the last thing you want is to mar the natural beauty of the wood with unsightly screw holes. To hide these blemishes, try installing wood plugs milled to match your decking.

1.   Countersink 3/8" holes into the face of the deck boards.

2.   Predrill 1/8" pilot holes completely through the deck boards.

3.   Screw the deck boards down with stainless steel screws.

4.   Glue cumaru plugs into the holes with waterproof glue (epoxy, Gorrilla brand glue, etc.).

5.   Knock off the plug tops with a chisel.

6.   Sand smooth with 80 grit sandpaper (we recommend using a round orbit sander).

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